The Tender Slave Girl – A New Perspective

Under the concrete sky is where she’ll sleep tonight,
the bridge will be her guide to get her through the night.
No blanket no bed, she can’t afford it no more,
a pavement if she’s lucky, but mostly the road. 

With sore legs and blisters on her feet,
she’ll get into bed and try to sleep.
Another dreamless night she’ll pass,
or maybe she’ll relive the memories of her past.

As strong as she is, she’ll never complain,
but her eyes just cannot conceal her pain.
Her tear stained face is almost permanent these days,
and her hope for survival is starting to drift away.

Alone in this world, she bows down to strangers,
No home for her to run to when she is in danger.
Life is nothing like a journey with surprises;
it’s more like the nightmares where the sun never rises.

With just nine years behind her, she has learnt to survive,
But poor little girl, she has never felt alive.
She may seem frail, but she’s stronger than you and I,
and it’s about time she began her flight.


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