Secondhand Symphonies

Just another box full of hand me downs,
leading to smiles rising from a sea of frowns.
Eyes widen at the sight of this treasure,
and the happiness that follows is beyond measure

A pair of shoes, one size too small,
a blue jacket, meant for someone tall.
A jigsaw puzzle, with only a few pieces missing,
and a microphone, for voices that never learnt to sing.

The annual discarding of a rich kid’s toys,
filling the hearts of orphans with heaps of joy.
It’s wonderful what secondhand toys can do,
by creating stories and adventures for someone new.

Make this festive season more about giving than taking,
Take this chance to give hand me downs a whole new meaning.
Because it doesn’t matter if these things once belonged to you or me,
the festivities are all about making everybody happy.


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