The One Who Could Have Been

Professor Snape was never really anybody’s first choice,
even with his commendable fashion sense and the perfection in his voice.
There was always someone ever so ready to take his spot,
whether it concerned loving Lily, or just his teaching job.

Cursed with bad luck from the very beginning,
he lost his first love to his mortal enemy.
Snape did not have the brightest of lives,
which is why he quickly shifted to the dark side.

But this half blood prince knew more about love than you and me,
you see unconditional love is just not our thing.
Call Snape a hopeless romantic for believing every step of the way,
but his love for Lily never did dwindle as he watched her fall for James.

Love after death often tends to take a back seat,
but through Harry’s eyes, Snape never ceased to love Lily.
Seen in the doe his patronus took the shape of every time,
Snape’s love for lilly grew with every passing night.

Maybe ‘Always’ will be their tiny little forever,
and the afterlife is where they’ll finally be together.
For the hopeless romantic Snape was and forever shall be,
he was perfectly happy being the man who could have been Lily’s.


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