“Not all moments that come knocking at your doorstep
leave footprints evident enough to be turned into memories.
And no matter how hard you try,
moments and memories will always fade faster than footprints.”

We’re all a little too emotional in our own strange ways, aren’t we?
We’ve all got a stack of memories treasured in deep and dark corners of our mind,
and something always seems to be missing every time we wipe off the dust.
Thing is, memories cannot be tamed,
and they will always find ways to escape,
slip right out of your fingers when we’d least expect it.

Why ‘Scribbling Souvenirs’

Scribbling Souvenirs is yet another vain attempt in hope to make memories stay.
It is an effort to capture moments in words and verses,
to embrace a moment at its zenith
and to let go of one moment to make room for many others.
Scribbling Souvenirs aims to create memories through art, and art out of memories.
It aims to create tangible souvenirs of our most treasured moments for us to hold on to when the going gets tough.


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