The Journey Home

Stories are never just stories,
never just cathartic combinations of words,
never just interwoven sentences in vain attempts to make sense of this world.
You see, stories are journeys, the kind that leave you gasping for more.

But stories are also faithful companions,
they don’t abandon you in the middle of the road.
They grab you by the hand, and maybe even by the waist,
and you walk like new found lovers under a moonlit sky,
leaving behind a trail only one of you will need to find their way back.

The Journey Home, is always a little lonely, isn’t it?
Pockets full of memories and one-sided conversations
can never mould a companion out of thin air.
There is always a void of loose strands and things left unsaid,
and an unfinished bridge between what happened and what couldn’t.

Let’s build that bridge together for a change.
Let’s tell stories about stories for a change,
because you know, stories can never just be stories.